Biological properties of turmeric

José Renato Stangarlin, Odair José Kuhn, Roberto Luis Portz, Maria Isabel Balbi-Peña, Kátia Regina Freitas Schwan-Estrada, Thaísa Muriel Mioranza, Lindomar Assi, Heloisa Maria Formentini, Clair Aparecida Viecelli, Emanuelle Guandalin Dal'Maso, Cristiane Claudia Meinerz


Curcuma spp. (turmeric) has been used since ancient days in popular medicine and gastronomy. Many of its bioactive compounds have just recently been identified and characterized as potential source of new medicines. In this review will relate aspects of cultivated turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), including taxonomy, chemical composition, production and processing, and biological activities such as the action against fungi, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa and viruses, including those of importance for human health, agriculture and food science.


agronomia, plantas medicinais, controle alternativo de doenças de plantas.

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